Postdigital Artefacts (2013)
Wood, plaster, acrylic sheet, acoustic foam, fluorescent light, cardboard, concrete, picture frame, sticks, water, food colouring, plastic vials, acrylic paint, spray paint
Dimensions variable

Installation: Liverpool St Gallery, SASA Gallery University of South Australia & Helpmann Academy Graduate Show

Although digital media plays a key role in the documentation and development of my ideas, my studio practice centres around a predominantly analogue engagement with materials and processes. Postdigital Artefacts is a networked installation of objects that explicates the interdependence of digital and analogue forces. Sculptural ‘sketches’ fuse organic and synthetic forms referencing technology as a cultural extension of the natural. Borgas Postdigital Artefacts (concrete detail).jpg st install honours.jpg Borgas Postdigital Artefacts (6 rocks detail).jpg