Striped Pole Dance (Costume)
Wood, spray paint, fixings, Velcro, aluminium, Lycra bodysuits, Vans shoes
Dimensions variable

A remix of an Oscar Schlemmer costume, this wearable sculpture extends on the idea of sculpture as performance. Striped poles are prosthetically attached to the limbs and torso and so are activated in direct relation to the movement the body. The graphic elements of the costume are interchangeable to allow for variations that respond to various performance contexts.

Movement artists include Felicity Boyd, Jack Riley and Erin Fowler (video) pole dance crowd.jpg
Striped Pole Dance

Performance (2x30mins)
CACSA Garden Space, Adelaide
9th September 2016
Performed by Felicity Boyd dance Kyneton Corner.jpg
Striped Pole Dance

Performance (2x30min)
Stockroom, Kyneton
8th October 2016
Performed by Jack Riley