Aluminium, automotive paint
3.6 x 2.0 x 1.2m

Installed: Rockhampton Riverside
Commissioned by The City of Rockhampton
Project management and fabrication: UAP

Across time and across all cultures, rocks have long been used as meeting places, as markers of significant places and as symbols of stability and strength.

This tall rock-like form holds true to all of these qualities but its triangulated structure and vivid colour playfully extend on these ideas. The result is an iconic landmark– part digital, part geological– an innovative take on a time-tested motif. Conceived as a computer rendering of a stalagmite this addition to Rockhampton’s vibrant riverfront development is a celebration of ancient natural history and contemporary culture.

The upright geometric form rises from the ground in two halves– a composition that frames the river, the sky, the mountains. The form and the space between welcomes us. It is human in its scale. An intimate protected space but it is also a space that we move through. A visual statement that reiterates the connection between the city and the river as a place of meeting.