Active Forms- Loft (Klein Blue)
Wood, acrylic paint, mirrored acrylic, fixings, adhesive vinyl, printed fabric, performers, costumes, Birkenstocks.
Dimensions variable (floor 5.7 x 8.5m)

Movement direction: Amber Cronin
Performers: Sammy Hammat and Rachael Wisby

Whether we are conscious of it or not, the qualities of objects have an impact on the way we interact with them. A wine glass is handled delicately, a sofa invites us to nestle into it and we approach a wet floor with a flat-footed gate. These objects of everyday experience become coded with activity. But how do we approach an engagement with an unfamiliar object? What does space tell us about the relationships and potentials of more ambiguous forms?

Drawing on expanded theories of media and infrastructure, Active Forms- The Loft (Klein Blue) is a participatory investigation into the forces that exist between objects space and the viewer/user.

The audience was invited to participate in reconfiguring the work. Performers where also present in the space for two ninety minute periods. Developed as part of the Kyneton Contemporary Art Triennial with support from Kyneton Contemporary and Arts South Australia. Forms- Loft 2.jpg Forms- Loft detail 3 low.jpg Forms- Loft detail 1 low.jpg