Triangulation Studies

This work involves a conversation between traditional sculptural practice– a physical engagement with materials, tools and processes– and the digital documentation of the objects as they evolve. Drawing on the tessellated geometry used by 3D software to describe form in virtual space, these hand made artefacts openly exploit the aesthetics and architecture of digital media. artefacts (green-blue).jpg

Postdigital Artefacts (green-blue) 1-6
dental plaster & spraypaint
20 x 20 x 8.7 cm (framed) Maquette (black).jpg
Black Triangulations (maquette)

Dental plaster, spray paint, adhesive tape
approx 15x14x6cm (pink).jpg
Pink Triangulations

Cardboard, spray paint, frame
28 x 23 x 4.7 cm Fragments (gold).jpg
Postdigital Fragments (gold)

Gold leaf, concrete, frame
20 x 20 x 8.7 cm