Gold Topography (Opera)
Polypropylene, aluminium, adhesive vinyl, fixings
Opera Apartments, St Kilda Road, Melbourne

Inspired by the flowing lines of a ballerina's dress, Gold Topography (Opera) was commissioned to transfer the elegant flow of the building's external architecture into an elegant interior. Conceived as a computer model in virtual space but crafted as a physical object in real space, the crystalline mirrored surface of this sculpture is a catalyst for connection and convergence– an ever-changing dance of light that playfully activates the lobby space.

Gold Topography (Hilton)
Polypropylene, aluminium, adhesive vinyl, fixings
Hilton Hotel, Adelaide

A celebration of the natural forces that have come to define South Australia, the wide format of Gold Topography (Hilton) alludes the long horizons and open space synonymous with inland South Australia. The three elements of the composition map a section of the state that includes the three peninsulas and two gulfs. Install alone.jpg Install wide.jpg wall alone.jpg wall detail.jpg